It is important for a schizophrenic with symptoms that are well controlled with drugs to continue their life, whether they go back to school or work. In a study conducted in 2006, researchers looked at about 1,400 people with schizophrenia, of which about three quarters were not working. The researchers found that about a quarter of occupants with a job tend to experience only mild symptoms, have higher levels of education, and have more access to rehabilitation sites.

Appropriate treatment as consulted at is essential for a schizophrenic person to cope with the various symptoms he/she is experiencing, which makes him / her work and can keep his or her job.

The sooner the treatment is given, the less likely it is for the patient to experience any residual symptoms that make him unable to work. Combination therapy such as giving anti-psychotic medication given along with counseling therapy for patient and patient’s family is important to help cure the patient.