The house you have you will ever leave in a vacant state in the long term. Without you realize that this condition can be the best target for thieves to can do their action. You can use biohazard mitagation way to clean your home from the rest of the crime or theft that has taken place. This will make you feel comfortable after the incident occurred.

If your home has been in a safe state like using a 24-hour security guard and CCTV camera, you should keep a watch and keep an eye on your home from all the bad possibilities that will happen. You can create a good home environment in order to avoid the house from thieves who can enter. Some ways of creating it are

– Pay attention to the cleanliness of the house
The thief will identify the target home from his physical condition; if the physical condition of the house is not terawatt and dirty, then the thief will have the assumption that the house in empty condition. Until that, you must be diligent to clean the yard. do not let the park and carport fall apart. If you have garden grass, you should try to cut it once a week.

– Watch the bushes under the window
If you are reluctant to install a fence outside the house, then be the other choice you can do is to plant kinds of plants and spiny thorn, like roses. The plant you put under the window so that thieves difficult to get into the house through the window. In addition to being protective, this plant will also make the house look fresh and beautiful.

– Keep valuables in the child’s closet
To get around the thieves is not easy to take the valuables you have at home, in the form of documents, jewelry, and others, then you can keep everything in the closet. Thieves will usually go to your closet or workbench, but they will not think if all the stuff is in between your child’s clothes pile.