Between 2.1 to 25.3 percent of individuals reported they opened the entire condom roll before starting to wear them. Looks trivial, but opening up the entire roll of the condom before you put it on the penis can actually make the use of the process much harder and put you at risk of being torn or damaged by attraction. The proper way to use condoms is to wear stockings – collect material wrinkles at the tip of the penis and slowly roll up from the bottom of the wrinkle gently while ensuring the condom position is unchanged and attracted to the base – not as a pair of socks you can pull it straight from the top. The point is to create an easy entry point for your penis, so you can put it in the condom without having to tear it. If you want to buy condoms online, you can visit our website.

In addition to the above, here are the common mistakes people make when using condoms:

– Not leaving space at the end

Failure to leave little space at the tip of the penis for semen is reported to be conducted by 24.3-45-45.7 percent of study respondents. Generally, it is advisable to leave empty space at the tip of the condom about 1.5 cm to allow the condom to enclose the ejaculation fluid. Condoms can move during sex – attracted strangely ‘strangled’ the head of the penis or loosened. Pass the pin to pinch the tip of the condom when you plug it in, so there will be a little space for your ejaculation – otherwise, the likelihood of semen will leak.

– One condom for two different situations

Recycling is important for the environment, but not for sex. In addition to unhygienic – bacteria from previous sexual activity may spread to others – this may also expose your sex partner to your pre-ejaculatory fluid, which puts it at risk of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy. And, unless you wash your condoms with soap and wait five days, the sperm of the previous ejaculation can survive up to five days afterward.