As a home insurance customer, homeowners are required to pay periodic and regular premiums over a certain time span. Instead, the insurance company is also required to assure and guarantee the protection of the house or property that is insured. If there is damage or risk to the home, the insurance company will issue some money according to the agreement contained in the policy to help homeowners to repair, even rebuild the house. But before deciding to use insurance, it would be better if you choose landlord information as your property insurance agent.

The home insurance claims process is not as complicated as imagined. In order to process your home insurance claim, the insurance company requires that you complete a number of documents. The completeness of the usual home insurance claim documents is as follows:

Theft Risk
– Claim forms that have been completed
– Details of missing items including proof of purchase to verify the value of the goods
– A chronology of events that describes when a risk occurs, as well as information about when to lastly see or use a lost item in good condition and who first realizes the item has been lost
– Photos showing where the thief entered or exit
– Certificate of loss from the police
– Proposal or price offer for repair or replacement of lost items
– Claim Discharge agreement document signed by the customer

Risk of Damage
– Claim forms that have been completed
– Details of damaged goods including specification details and proof of purchase for verification of value
– Chronology of events
– Photo of damaged goods
– Technical reports from the designated parties to repair the house (eg the builder you used to rent) related to the cause of the incident, the extent of the damage and the assessment of whether the property concerned can still be repaired or not.
– Proposal or offer price for repair or replacement of damaged goods
– Payment approval document of claim and release of signed demands

If the claiming process runs smoothly and the home insurance reviewer does not find any peculiarities to the risks that occur in your home, then the insurer can pay the claim at the agreed sum insured through the transfer. Generally, the transfer process takes 7-14 working days.