Now, the website is certainly not a rare thing, almost everyone now has their personal website. This is because of the many things that can be done if they have a personal website. To find out how to create a personal website for you who are beginners, then you can visit there is a tutorial for you to be able to create an interesting website and run well.

To note if you intend to create a website is to create a website that is user-friendly, in other words, you should be able to make your website work well on all devices and can be accessed easily by everyone. There are several traits that can show that a website is user-friendly, like

1. Runs Well On All Devices
Currently, visitors who visit a website certainly use the various devices they have. There is a website accessible from a computer, laptop or even smartphone owned. If a website can work well on all these devices, then the website can be regarded as a user-friendly website.

2. Fast Loading
A website can get heavier when too many different resources like images, social media, audio, and video. This can make the website slow when loading, and this will make many visitors become upset and finally decided to leave the page. speed factor when loading this becomes one of the mandatory requirements for a friendly website.

3. Easy-to-read Text
The quality of typography design in a website is another factor in determining whether a website is user-friendly or not. If the text on a website is difficult to read because the distance is too tight, or the size is too small, it will be difficult for visitors when reading it. Do not let visitors leave your website just because the text size is too small or even too big even meetings in the size of the distance.