You who often drive a car must have felt your car broke down mid-way to the destination. This is a very annoying thing because you feel that will waste time on the road to take care of the car. You also can not go to the garage because you are alone. The only thing you can do is contact wrecker service lawton to help you withdraw your car to be handled properly.

Cars that strike when going towards the destination is one thing that is very unpleasant. You need to know for sure the reason why your car broke down and how to handle it. There are many reasons why the car you drive can strike on the streets and ultimately will only bother you. Some of these causes are

1. Electric current on Weak Battery
This problem can occur due to several things, such as alternator and dynamo lack of fluids, cables in the terminal plus or minus sagging battery or battery that has expired. If your car broke down because of this, you can check by checking the wiring in the battery terminal. Make sure that the cable is installed properly. You should also regularly check the battery you use on your car. If the battery life has run out, you should immediately replace it to condition your car is always in good condition.

2. Carburetor Troubled
The problem that often happens here is too little fuel bursts. This makes the combustion process imperfect and the machine difficult to turn on. For that, it is important for you to always check the condition of your car from the outside and in the car. It will be very important because if your car breaks down, you know for sure the cause of the situation.

3. Gasoline Consumed
This may be a very trivial thing. Many people assume that gasoline may not run out and we do not know it. In fact, it could happen, if we forget to see the needle detection of gasoline in our car. You should always check the condition of the detection needle on the car to find out the gasoline left in the car.