Softball games you may have heard often. This game comes from America and was created by George Hancock. Initially, this game is only used as a substitute for baseball games only, but because a lot of people love this game, therefore this game is being one of the sport remains. In the softball game, there are two teams that play, the squad team and club beat.

For clubbers, make sure they use the best slowpitch softball bats. After that, they have to run to the base is one of the main strengths to be able to score numbers. There are several steps that must be taken to be able to run to the base the with the correct technique. It requires a technique because the runner must be able to get to the base first rather than catch the base against the ball. Well, here are some things you can do to have the technique to run to the base!

1. After hitting the ball, proceed to run to first base. Run as fast as possible in a straight line until it is at the base before the base keeper can catch the ball.
2. If the run is quite difficult because there is between the ball and the guard, do the sliding by launching the launch body towards the base. With that, you can touch the base safely.
3. The runner must run until seconds into the base before the ball is captured by the base keeper.

These three ways can be very effective if you stretch first. This chapter is certainly very important to be learned. Techniques and practices are also very easy to do. This softball game can also bring a good influence to one’s physical health. Interested to learn more about this chapter and more details right? So, do not wait any longer, just learn soon!