As much needed by everyone in the present, the internet is required to have a fast and good connection. However, what about areas that can not be touched by a good internet connection? Maybe what is needed is internet pelosok that can provide internet connection needed there.

With the development of the internet, someone can indeed do whatever they like on the internet. In fact, there are some conventional activities that are replaced by the internet presence. Some of these activities are

1. Reading
Now, many people prefer to read on the internet by using an e-book service. The beginning of this activity is with the slogan “save paper to save forest” by using the internet and e-books, one can read books that they like there without buying a conventional book that has a lot of paper.

2. Learning
In connection with the above, learning that initially use the book and find information in the library, now people use the internet and search for information there. In fact, searching for information on the internet is preferred because it is easy and does not take much time.