Most vehicle owners believe that the more sophisticated tire technology currently affects the life of tires much longer. Though not visible, the condition of the tire could have been not ideal anymore due to too often receive heavy loads or crossed the path is not smooth. Well to minimize it, it would be better if you buy the best car tires as you can find at walmart. Even now to make it easier, you can check the opening hours and cover at walmart auto center hours. Apart from that, here are some myths that every car driver should consider!

All tires must be replaced when they reach the age of five to six years
The reduced age of the tire is influenced by several factors, including the weight of the load, road conditions and driving force. This makes it difficult to determine how long the actual tire life is. However, most tire manufacturers suggest that the tires used should be changed every 10 years because the structure of the tire compound and the seams will drop quite drastically over that span of time.

If the tire groove is still visible, it means the tires are still good
When manufacturers make tire grooves, they have calculated how effective the flow is to dispose of water so that traction tires to the road remains maximal. If the flow height is reduced to a certain extent, this will result in the tire losing its grip. The standard high limit of the new tire groove is about 8 millimeters, and the minimum height is 3 mm. The Australian Government has a lower standard, where if the groove is less than 1.5 mm, the owner must immediately replace it.