Who does not know lingerie? The model of super sexy underwear has been very trendy and liked many people since the first because it can increase intimacy and intimacy with couples during sex sessions. In addition, because the models are beautiful and attractive, many women are also interested to collect it. Well, although lingerie is not something foreign in your ears. While looking for the hot sexy lingerie lace, you may wonder to know the facts about lingerie.

1. In France, lingerie is a common underwear word used for both men and women. So, not just women who wear lingerie, but all the men there also have lingerie you know.

2. In earlier times, lingerie is only sold through catalog ordering. Somehow, a founding man of Victoria Secret brand, Roy Raymon, and his wife popularized the sale of lingerie in the shopping center area. So now you can search and buy lingerie at nearby malls.

3. Users bra with the largest size is a British woman. Meanwhile, users with a small size bra average is women from Japan.

4. In ancient times, the raw material for the manufacture of corsets often use baleen whales Balin. It caused almost the extinction of the whale.

5. The size of the average American woman’s underwear is 36C, and almost every woman there has at least 21 pairs of underwear.

6. Apparently, a company abroad there are producing men’s lingerie special. But it does look very strange, because the advertising photos used are muscular male models that use lingerie. Can you imagine?

7. Lingerie is one type of underwear, so when the growth first in the community is not to be exhibited. However, one brand lingerie named Triumph for the first time showing off their lingerie collection on the catwalk.

8. The most expensive lingerie in the world is the lingerie output of the Victoria Secret brand for $ 15 million dollars. The lingerie is made using more than 1,300 precious stones.