The era of globalization requires everyone to continue to move dynamically and progressively. That is one of the reasons why today’s internet is turning into a staple for most people. So, you need to visit and get high coverage internet access. Transparency of information that knows no borders may not always have a positive impact, but as an educated person we should be able to take advantage of this moment more wisely. Especially if you are a student. Whether or not the internet depends on how we use it.

Instead of the internet just be a show or gamelan, is not it better you use as a container and means to upgrade your skills with the internet? Make the Internet your personal library. You can have thousands of collections of journals and literature that can help you become a student.

Students usually do not get out of the pile of paper duties and journals. Every week there is always a lecturer who asks students to read journals related to the course material. But unfortunately, most of the journals contained in the campus library is not updated. Well, as an astute and resourceful student, make the most of your internet to search for different types of online journals, especially now that they are easily accessible even on free downloads.