Goods are often ignored in existence and function. In effect, we are often troubled by the loss of tool items, such as wrenches, hammers, and other tools and more when needed. Although the price is not too expensive, but quite troublesome when we need. For example when driving leaking tires or other unwanted events. Meanwhile, you can also go to Garage Master Blog to find the some of the best toolboxes online.

Another thing that makes more annoyed is if the keys are rusty and quickly damaged. So it can not be used when needed. Well to overcome this, we’d like to provide tips on how best to care and use tools:

Do Not Use If It Is Damaged
A worn lock can cause bolts or nuts to wear out, so avoid wearing worn locks. Immediately replace broken tool with a new one.

Clean Lock Before Use
Clean the keys we will use. Usually, the keys are still their oil, oil, dust or other impurities that can cause us trouble re-use.

Clean Lock After Use
Immediately clean the keys after use because if there is any oil residue, it will make it quickly damaged. If still there is dust that can also cause corrosion.

To make long-lasting locks, we can spray Rexco 50 which is a versatile protective lubricant of rust.

Keep in the Right Place
Problems arising other than broken tools, also missing keys somewhere. Therefore it is advisable if it is not used should be stored immediately in the appropriate place, such as a toolbox or special plastic container.

This action can maintain the cleanliness of the tool while allowing us to find and find it when needed. Avoid storing machine-made keys in moisture to avoid corrosion/corrosion.

Material Options
Choose wrenches, ring locks, L keys and sock keys made from high vanadium chrome. Vanadium chrome material is a kind of excellent material used for the manufacture of tools products.

One brand hand tools that always use the high content of chrome vanadium one of them is Tekiro. High-definition vanadium Chrome is claimed to be able to produce powerful, sturdy, and stainless tools so that when the bolts are opened hard, the lock will not lose (it will spin even if the bolt does not spin), and does not damage the bolt.