In this digital era, sustenance can come from anywhere. A blog or a personal website can be an income farm if you handle it seriously. With millions of visitors, you can earn money from ads, endorse, and so forth. But to invite millions of people to drop into your website, not just the good content you have to provide. The entrance is easily accessible. This entrance is called SEO. If you are looking for SEO services, you can visit our website.

Google has developed an algorithmic system that can provide ratings for websites and content that you have. Here it is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The more up your rank, the more your website will appear on the search page when someone types in a keyword. We all know either how many websites exist in the internet world. Maybe millions, maybe billions. Competition happens very tight, because when you’re googling, surely you will open a website that appears on the start page is not it?

Therefore, even if your content is unbelievably great, without good SEO techniques, your website will be difficult to develop. Well for you who intend come to your website, this time we will share simple SEO tips for the beginner.

– Never forget to give the name and caption on each picture you specify in accordance with the contents of the content. This will make your SEO rankings boost

Images are required to illustrate or clarify the contents of the post. In addition to communicating the content to the reader, images can also be Google’s reference when selecting information. But if you upload your drawing with the name 128942639.png, certainly your drawing cannot be read by search engines. Therefore, do not forget to give a caption to the image that is relevant to the content of the content you want to illustrate.

– ‘Keywords’ are keywords for SEO rankings. Titles and tags that are SEO friendly should pay attention to what people type when on a Google page

Title and tags are the most important thing in a website. To make Google recognize your website, you should pay close attention to the title of the post you use and the tags you embed. To create an interesting title, you must first know what keywords are often written when people are on the search engine.