To protect the privacy and the things that are in the house, usually, someone will use a curtain to close the windows or even their doors. This is done because the curtain has many functions to prevent light into the house. You can get the curtains you need in Keeleys Blinds. With the right curtain for your house, then you will be able to get the function that matches what you need.

Apparently, curtains have many types that you can choose after the needs and type of your house. Some of these types you must know with certainty so you can determine which one is best. Some types of curtains that you can choose are

1. Vitrase
This type is a typical curtain that can still enter the sunlight, only in a very small intensity. This type of curtain is also useful for blocking the outer view of your home’s alma. Usually a type of curtain made of lace or a thin lace. This type of curtain is usually used in homes.

2. Roller Blinds
This type of curtain can be opened and closed by raising it, rolling up or folded. The raised and folded curtains are called roman blinds and rolled blinds are called rolling blinds. The material of this curtain uses several options such as cloth, canvas, leather, or even cotton. This type of curtain is very appropriate also used in the boardroom, management office, cafe or even your home. However, please note that this curtain is only appropriate if you have a large window size.

3. Horizontal Blind
This curtain is usually made with wood base material and not cloth. This type of privacy provides the room with a very perfect. The shape is very efficient and gives a strong character in the room in the form of a horizontal line. Not just wood, usually this type of curtain made of aluminum or paper.

4. Vertical Blind
This type of curtain can be opened and closed by shifting with the help of a rope. Typically, this curtain is made of fabric or canvas. Usually widely used in offices.