Using two layers of condoms at once is a dangerous myth. You can not make condoms doubly stronger, longer lasting, or double your security if you use a double condom all at once. You may be compelled to use a double condom on the grounds that the latex condom material is very thin and can not guarantee the durability of the product when used. In fact, what happens instead, the risk of tearing will increase if you use a double condom. Similarly, wearing male condoms and female condoms at the same time.

Actually, you do not need to buy condoms and use two layers of condoms at once to get extra protection. Now there are many variants of condoms on the market with various features and extra protection functions that you can use.

What to do to keep condoms in place to prevent pregnancy?

To ensure you are not pregnant despite the use of condoms, make sure that the use of condoms is perfect and perfect. Follow these tips to keep male condoms effective in preventing pregnancy or venereal disease.

– Open the packaging carefully, do not tear it with your teeth and make sure the fingernails or rings do not tear the condom

– Avoid blowing condoms to expand because of the risk of damaging latex

– Put a little space on the tip of the penis to accommodate the semen so that condoms will not tear due to too narrow

– Immediately replace with a new condom every time you ejaculate, not only after penetration

– If you and your partner make love for a long time, replace with a new condom every 30 minutes

– Never use the same condom more than once

– So that semen does not come into contact with the vagina at all, use a condom from the beginning, even when you and your partner are still in the foreplay stage and try not to touch the vaginal area after penetration and the condom is released

– Make sure that the penis is out of the vagina before the erection is lost or softened so that the condom is not released during the penetration is still in progress