When you just turn on the air conditioner, do not directly lower the temperature drastically. Any derived temperature can increase the electrical usage by 6%. Simply set the temperature around 25 degrees Celsius. When you lower the temperature drastically means you are maximizing the AC work that will burden the electrical power of your home. The lower the temperature, the more electrical energy is used. Aside from that, you might need to visit www.airconservicingsingapore.com/ to call the good AC repair service near you.

Keep Room Closed

Close doors, windows, and other air vents. This is done so that the hot air from outside does not go into the room, and instead make the cool air inside is not wasted out. If this happens your room will still feel hot, and air conditioning will be longer and heavier work. Place the AC apart from direct sunlight so that the cooling effect is not reduced.

Clean the AC Filter Regularly

At least once a month clean your AC filter. By maintaining AC regularly, you can save electricity up to 20%. The dust that accumulates disturbs the air circulation so that it can cause the AC to consume more electricity.