Carpet is not only as a sweetener interior of your room but also as one way you can do to keep your floor clean. But in the application of carpet, you also need to pay attention to cleanliness is to regularly wash your carpet every 6 months at a professional carpet wash like you can find at Apart from that carpet is also differentiated based on the construction. Therefore here are some types of carpets based on their construction as your consideration!

1. Net
Net is a technique of making carpets by using a weaving machine directed by a computer. In making various carpet patterns, this uses synthetic yarn. Hundreds of needles will sew a number of rows of carpet yarn through the fabric. Tufted carpets have a sturdy durability and lasting for a long time.

2. Weaving
Weaving can be done by hand or on a loom with the machine. Carpets of looms are made on looms with yarns simultaneously with yarn. More luxurious and premium-quality carpet, of course, will reflect the price.